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Rugs :

Decorative object or necessary part of everyday life comfort, the rug - of infinite diversity - is essential to the moroccan home. The origin of the rural or berber rug, is lost in time immemorial.

All the rugs are weaved on vertical looms, consisting of a frame of four wooden beams which are held together by rope. The warping, the mounting of the foundation on the loom, is done by the women. Together, they stretch the successive vertical warps. Then a weaver passes the weft yarns through the warp yarns, row after row; pressing the weft tightly with a metal comb.

The yarn, colors, dyes, and patterns are passed on from generation to generation, and are specific to each region. The berber personality comes out in the design. Indifferent to the arabesque embellishment, it favors simple geometry where triangles, lozenges, lattice dominate, along with bold and harmonious colors.

Nowadays, most of the women weavers work in co-op manufactures using traditional techniques.