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The flowers of the crocus family, delicate and fragile, are harvested, preferably in the morning before the sun withers them. The three, red stamens prolonging the pistil, are pulled out and laid to dry on paper or fabric.

The flowering period is very short, two or three weeks, between October and November. Each bulb has, on average, 10 flowers. You need about 200 000 flowers to obtain 1kilo (2.2 lbs) of saffron, which explains the price of this "red gold".

Used as a condiment or food coloring, and sometimes to flavor tea, saffron is also used in traditional medicine (intestinal infection, rheumatism), cosmetic and as a fabric dye.

About 95% of the saffron production in the entire region of Souss Massa Dra, comes from Taliouine. With an annual production of 3 tons (6600lbs), Taliouine is the 4th producer in the world.