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Henna :


This shrub native of Arabia, that develops thorns as it matures, is farmed everywhere in South Morocco.

The white flowers, with a sweet and intoxicating fragrance, form pretty clusters. The leaves, dried and pulverized, make a powder used to purify, to invigorate, to disinfect and to dye.
That powder, mixed with water, lemon and rose water, becomes a smooth paste to be applied on the body as an ointment or in drawings.

Deeply anchored in traditions, henna is a large part in everyday life. Women use henna regularly to dye their hair, their hands and their feet. They apply the paste themselves. For an elaborate application, they resort to women called "hennayates", "nekacates" or tattoo artist. Long ago, they used a sharp stick to sketch fine lines. Nowadays they use syringes of different sizes. The body designs played a social role a social role showing the belonging to a tribe. Today, they are essentially beautifying.